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The Dialogue and Communications Division

One of the major objectives of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) is to organise regular policy dialogues with participation of the major stakeholder groups. The dialogues are designed to stimulate a culture of open interaction and discussion on various important development issues in a manner which ensures broad participation from policymakers, members of parliament, NGOs, business leaders, academics, trade union leaders, media representatives, donors and other stakeholder groups with a view to contribute towards improving the quality of governance in Bangladesh. The operational responsibilities relating to organisation of these dialogues rest with the Dialogue and Communications Division.

Over the last six years, the Division has organised about 160 dialogues which could be classified into five categories.

In-house Dialogues

Local Level Dialogues

National Dialogues
Regional Dialogues
International Dialogues

To find a list of the dialogues held under the each of the categories, click on the respective category title.

This Division is also entrusted with publication of research works and dialogue reports prepared at the CPD and is responsible for widest possible dissemination of these publications. It has an active publication and dissemination programme which publishes a series of Dialogue Reports, Dialogue Monographs, and Books. The Division also brings out a separate Occasional Paper Series which contain the background papers prepared under the various study programmes. A separate Paper Series is also brought out by this Division under the CPD-UNFPA study programme on Population and Sustainable Development.


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