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Projects under this Prorgamme are:

GCR (Global Competitiveness Report (GCR)

Since 2001, CPD has been conducting executive opinion surveyed as inputs to the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR). GCR is an annual publication brought out by the World Economic Forum (WEF) (better known as the Davos Meeting). The first GCR was brought out in 1979, and since 1996 these reports are being prepared in collaboration with the Harvard University and with support from partner organisations across the globe. CPD has been partnering with the WEF since 2001 Bangladesh was first included in the GCR. The GCR is prepared on information generated through perception surveys in the participating countries. A questionnaire, designed by the WEF, is used in this purpose. The GCR presents competitiveness ranking of different countries using two indices, namely Growth Competitiveness Index (GCI) comprised of macroeconomic environment, quality of public institutions, and technology; and Business Competitiveness Index (BCI) i.e. microeconomic fundamentals based on company sophistication and quality of business environment. Results of perception survey as well as secondary sources of information are used for the purpose of this country ranking.

CPD presents the findings of Bangladesh perception survey through press briefings, and at dialogues organised at the national level. The objective is to disseminate the results of the survey and share views addressing the major attendant issues and problems. At present, CPD is analysing the survey results carried out during 2001-04 with a view to study the dynamics of the changing perceptions as regards the major variables in the perception survey. The objective of this exercise is to help identify areas where Bangladesh would need to put emphasis if she is to improve her global ranking in future.


Privatisation in Bangladesh

Duration: 1996


  • To help Bangladeshi policymakers and civil society focus on developing a national policy on the issue of privatisation and the reform of the state sector.


  • R. Sobhan, M M Akash and T Akram (eds.), (1998), Reform of State-Owned Enterprises and Privatisation; Centre for Policy Dialogue & Pathak Shamabesh, Dhaka.

  • CPD Occasional Paper, Privatisation in Bangladesh: An Agenda in Search of a Policy (August, 2002).

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